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  There have been a good number of assassins introduced in the Assassin’s Creed series, but these ones are the best.

  By Rebekah Meek

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  Assassin’s Creed?is a successful franchise with 12 games and 17 spin-off games so far, reaching a total of 140 million copies in 2019?so far. The franchise explores a variety of time periods, with two examples being the French Revolution in the 18th Century and Norway during the Viking Age. Ubisoft also branched out to novels, merchandise, and even a film.

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  Each Assassin is?extraordinary in their own way, with unique abilities, a rich Assassin history, and their own experiences with the Templars. They’ve had love, loss, and betrayal, making them stronger as Assassins, all whilst following and being loyal to their creed, ‘Nothing is true; everything is permitted.’

  This article contains significant spoilers for multiple Assassins Creed games.



  Evie Frye is a Master Assassin and the twin sister of Jacob Frye. She is a more careful Assassin in comparison to her impulsive brother. Evie has a rich history including defeating the infamous Jack The Ripper. Her father taught her all she knows and she ensures she continues to research the Brotherhood history, just like he did.

  Her fighting style is more stealthy, which is evident through her use of throwing knives, hidden blade, and her cane sword. All her plans are calculated, researched, and based on logic. Evie follows the creed with her whole heart and is a perfect representation of the second rule of the creed, “Draw not attention to oneself whenever possible.”

  arno dorian ac unity

  Arno Dorian is a Master Assassin that was mainly active during the French Revolution in Assassins Creed Unity. Arno’s story is full of alcohol, guilt, regret, and betrayal. Some examples include being framed for murder, experiencing the death of his lover Elise, and a rising and falling reputation.

  He has especially great deduction skills, enhanced swordsmanship, and is a talented freerunner.?Observation was one of his many skills — he was able to quickly analyze situations, finding the best possible outcome. His ability to maintain his loyalty and dedication to the Brotherhood, regardless of his former exile, shows how he’s a good representation of the third tenant of the creed, “Never compromise the Brotherhood.”



  Bayek of Siwa is one of the founders of the Hidden Ones and featured in Assassins Creed: Origins. It’s no surprise players love him, considering he and his wife are the ones who started it all. Bayek’s companion eagle named Senu gave him a more literal Eagle Vision, allowing players to see through the eagle’s eyes.

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  The truly tragic loss of his son left him hopeless and vengeful, bringing his inner Assassin warrior to the surface. His combat skills using multiple different weapons whilst wielding a shield paved a new way to fight. Bayek’s devotion to his faith and culture reflects the trust and loyalty an Assassin needs to possess.


  Edward Kenway is an Assassin present in the West Indies and England. Throughout his lifetime, he is drawn into the never-ending Templar and Assassin battle. He is constantly wrestling with which side to choose, eventually joining the Assassins. His story is complex, to say the least, in Assassins Creed: Black Flag.

  His skills behind a helm and hand-to-hand combat make for a wonderful Assassin. He was not formally trained as an Assassin and yet, he possesses the skills needed to be one of the best.? His pirate background set him up with impressive swordsmanship, being able to dual wield and enhanced his skills with other weapons, like knives.



  Kassandra is an Assassin featured in Assassins Creed: Odyssey. She is one of the two protagonists you can choose, along with Alexios. She encountered multiple enemies, two examples being the Sage King and the Order of The Ancients (soon to be named Templar Order).

  Kassandra is a powerful warrior and proficient in stealth. Defense is one of her best skills,?as she’s?able to take on multiple enemies at once. She was gifted the Spear Of Leonidas which gave her superhuman abilities and the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus, which gave her the gift of immortality. Kassandra has high emotional intelligence and is a strong female protagonist. She has an Eagle named Ikaros, enabling her to see through the Eagle’s eyes.

  Screenshot Assassin's Creed III Connor Kenway

  Connor Kenway is a Master Assassin, raised in the village Kanatahséton, present in Assassins Creed 3. He believed the Templars to be the cause of the fire that killed his mother and burnt down his village. Connor was mentored by Achilles Davenport, an infamous Mentor.

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  Connor’s story was full of revenge, war, power, and even?killing his own father. It made him a strong-willed Assassin, with strength not many Assassins can handle. He had skills in both armed and unarmed combat, intelligently using the objects around him to cause damage. His training from Achilles gave him an extensive skill set — that of a master Assassin, with a specialty in surveillance.



  Ezio Auditore da Firenze is?one of the best?with his boyish charm and witty humor. He was quite the player during his younger years but matured and became a Master Assassin. He had his own trilogy:?Assassins Creed 2, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, and Assassins Creed: Revelations.

  He was well-skilled, with skills such as blending into crowds, exceptional combat skills, high endurance, and strength. Ezio has the ability to create bombs, and has an Eagle Sense,?granting him?a much more advanced way of tracking his enemies. As his?storyline progressed, he grew?as a person. Ezio stands up for his fellow Assassin and is a true-born leader. He created a powerful legacy, inspiring Assassins after him.

  assassin's creed altair

  Alta?r Ibn-La’Ahad is one of the most impactful Assassins throughout the entire franchise, helping to progress The Assassin Order and?working to create a more effective Hidden Blade. Before, you had to cut your ring finger off for it to work (yikes). He is one of the best Assassins?of all time, becoming the greatest and smartest Mentor to ever live.

  He possesses impeccable skills in multiple areas?— a?few examples include stealth, combat, climbing, and assassination. His character development and the wisdom?he obtained throughout his life allowed him to mentor and become one of the best Assassins of all time. At the age of 92, he sealed himself in his library with one of the Apples Of Eden and information surrounding the Apples, sacrificing his life for The Order and portraying what it really means to be an Assassin.

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