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[Scavengers]Scavengers Patch Adjusts Respawn System

Tag:   2021-07-14 04:33:16

  Scavengers has received a new patch recently which, among other things, brings several quality of life changes and tweaks to the respawn system.

  If you’re not familiar with Scavengers, it’s billed as a survival shooter “co-opetition” game from developer Midwinter Entertainment. The basic premise is that a major event created a new ice-age of sorts. You’ll have to explore this wasteland and survive. Scavengers is currently out in Early Access.

  Changes to respawn are of note with these patch notes. In short, the team is tweaking the system to now include a backup clone item which will effectively keep extra lives. This new item will have its own slot, and what’s more, cannot be dropped or lost.

  The patch brings several quality of life improvements as well with respect to item swapping and EXP boost. Challenges continue to see tweaks with new weapon challenges including:

  Damage dealt with assault rifles

  Damage dealt with SMGs

  Damage dealt with melee weapons

  Damage dealt with shotguns

  Damage dealt with bows

  Damage dealt with grenades

  The patch also brings tons of weapon tuning, some general gameplay tweaks, and several performance optimizations and bug fixing:

  Fixed: Rosie Sledgehammer no longer stun locks the AI on every shot

  Fixed: Longstriker Desperado now reliably triggers an explosion on headshot kills

  Fixed: Environment bug fixes for improper collision, mantling failures, visible seams in the ground, and floating set pieces

  Fixed: Sometimes a player can get stuck in a weird party state where they see default lobby text (every player is Rob)

  Fixed: Explorers on draft screen sometimes appear to be invisible, leaving their weapon floating in the air

  Fixed: Parties not reliably staying together after match end

  Fixed: Camera going through Dropship doors

  Fixed: Missing teammate names

  Read the full patch notes here.